Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Effing January 1.22.03

Though I have stepped out in the past week to do such things like drink with Gully’s rock friends; and drink again until I was face-over E-Sox’ porcelain toilet, the thing that sticks out most is how little I have done.

Pico’s seen a lot of movies. Watched a lot of Blind Date. Watched a lot of basketball. Gotten skinner. And it’s been fucking cold out. Cold like January is supposed to be. But without the snow and ice that supposed to come and create that wintry ambiance that makes January look like it’s supposed to. So mostly, this months sucks a knot.

I know Holiday agrees. This is the second worst month of the year. For me, it’s the worst. After New Year’s, I can sit and think about what I should do this year; I’ve lost any of the momentum gained in the last weeks of January. It’s simply depressing.

There was a piece on Kurt Warner I was going to write. A piece more in depth about the porcelain prayer, a note about how hot Carrot Top is.

None of it got done. I’ve spent a lot of time staying up late, watching television. Sitting on my ass. I’ll straight out admit it. Time to step it up. Go to class. Do some writing. Figure out what the friggin’ date is.

Uh, take a shower. I’m’a gonna go and do that now.

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