Monday, September 23, 2002

Castles Made of Sand

It's been a while since I have written, I know, I know. So it's up to me to come up with enough entertainment and softcore porn to keep all of you kids up and active at your computers.

I know, I know.

This is my job. Well, I have started graduate school and everything is jake, aces, capital, prime, et cetera. Meanwhile I am thinking hard about how I am going to produce the dirtiest bachelor party ever seen. This saturday. if you have any input, oh, please, you can email me. Touch me with your knowledge.

Thing is, I have a basic plan, which is Manhattan based and will be beer-soaked. But I don't have the specifics as of yet. Or anything so filthy sounding it's apalling. That's what I am looking for.

Perhaps when I am done with my statistics homework, then I will turn my attention to writing something more exciting and invigorating...


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