Saturday, September 28, 2002

Blog Against Song Against Sex

Well, that's not so true. While I can applaud Marla for the Jud Timberpond link, and while I am bringing a bunch of boys who keep reciting lines from Dr. Dre's the chronic-- and I don't mean the weed-smoking lines-- to a strip club, I also want to talk about the coolest song I have heard this week.

But that will wait until tomorrow. I got to go see some oversized titty and bikini wrapped kitty. Drink some beer and spread some... cheer. I don't have anything more to say, really. I am leading cats to a strip club and I have never been to one before. Nope, never. That's right. Maybe that's why I'm such a gol-danged nancy boy. But after tonight, oh, after tonight, you are going to see a completely different pico.

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