Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here is's list of the world's most corrupt countries. A list of dangerous and politically cronyist places to be sure, but also a suspicious list. Note that this is a list of World Bank/ IMF fund recipients and countries where it's hard to set up oil companies and low-wage textile and clothing shops. And note the language to color in the African countries.

And of course the USA is not corrupt at all.


mfs said...

Yeah I noticed that.

And they don't make a distinction between corruption in strong central governments (burma/myanmar) vs. chaos because of lawlessness and war(Congo).

And two major candidates are missing: China and Russia, both of which lack rule of law but are very ammenable to international investment.


Pico said...

investment = uncorrupt!

yeah, i was looking at that and thought it was particularly brazen.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out the rankings posted by Transparency International. It's in German, but the table is pretty useful.

Go to Korruptionsindices on the right at the ribbon at the top of the page. Select the CPI report and scroll to page 21 of the pdf.


dora said...

heh heh.

"one of the 'stans'"