Friday, July 30, 2004

bongoroom 7.31.04

still in chicago. nathan is sitting on anita's floor. anita left for a wedding in milwaukee at an expensive resort. i am recovering from last night's badness-- a mexican dinenr that was not very good but the margaritas were strong. coupled with beers early, wine before dinner, and beers afterward, well...

let me paint a picture. at quenchers, at fullerton + weston, logan's suare area, kinda. hazy night, cool, humid. late, after we have left some cruddy bar called rock bottom's, downtown. i pass out for a minute on the table, can't drink anymore. i actually have a "need to puke" moment. step outside with anita who is going to get us a cab. i can't get in no cab, i'd paint the vehicle with my insides. sittin, staning, considering fingering my throat. a sad night, but i put it back together by the time we were to go back to where i am staying in wicker park.

so i decide to go to an after hours place called estelle's on damen and milwaukee. a winning idea; my new (pretty) friends bevin and cindy are feeling their oats and cindy fetches some fella to chat with bevin. there are a lot of pretty people in this area, little hipster-types but a little less scrappy than new york. these pretty people end up around us; i finish my water and go home, stopping to ask the woman in the prom dress what's up with that.

"i've been working manual labor for like two weeks," she shouts over the heavy metal, "so i felt i deserved it!"

so now you know.

great great great breakfast as the bongo room at noon.

nathan is going to sleep on anita's floor. we have to relax, hit millenium park, hit this afterwork bar, resume the dasdrinkinfest.

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