Monday, December 01, 2003

How Was My Thanksgiving? 12.1.03

Well, I didn’t plan the Saturday gathering for Shiv. We ended up at the Upper West’s Evelyn Lounge and I don’t think I want to be there again. Of a crowd of stand-arounders and bad dance remixes of your favorite hits of two years ago, with a small bevy of ladies (Shiv/ Abberts/ Gabi/ Lisette) around me, I almost convinced a couple of guys to get in the dancing:

“I can’t dance,” one says.
“Get in here, man,” I reply, “why can’t you dance? We’re all doing it.”
“Well, look at the difference in pigment between you and I!”
“These girls [and this guy, being Silver] are paler than milk. That’s a bullshit excuse.”
“Okay, give me five minutes.”

But they never came back, they didn’t get in. I tried. The night was a success anyway, I suppose, the kids had a good time, we ended up at the ever-famous Café Lalo (yes where that scene in You’ve Got Mail was shot) as we always used to when we were similar sized but more bright eyed and I daresay punkier, and Shiv went back to SF with a smile.


The pumpkin pie went over well.


While I didn’t go out on Friday, and the Mississippi vs. Mississippi State football game for the “Egg Bowl” was nothing short of an atrocious mismatch, and Texas vs. Texas A & M wasn’t much better, I did get some rest and some reading done. I think that sums up Thanksgiving.

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